Blue Future

Music is our lives


Blue Future is an independent electronic music producer from the Chicago area, who was trained by aliens to make electro hiphop music from the future and unleash it on planet earth.

Born and raised in Chicago, Jeremy Oleson created Blue Future in 2015 with the intention of cultivating an escape through the journey of music. In two years, he has released six EP's and one full length LP. He has additionally released remixes for artists such as Marvel Years, SuperVision, Vibe Street, Artifakts, Ageless, and Deerskin. Jeremy has been privileged with joining Manic Focus and Vibe Street on tour and sharing the stage with countless other talented artists

"When we listen to music we escape to a place where we are who we want to be.

We go through most of our lives not getting to be ourselves, we have to work most of our time away, or go to classes, worry about not having enough money, deal with endless amounts of struggle, and spend almost every day doing things that we don't want to do just to be able to get by and live normal lives in our society.

When we listen to our music we are escaping from this, and in a way going to a place that is more true to who we are on the inside, and not the fake shell that we need to put on everyday just to operate at our jobs and in our schools. Our music is more of who we actually want to be.

I know some of your might have thought something similar at some point. And I hope that my music can be something in your life that helps you feel more like yourself.

All of my music is free, you can download it on soundcloud and soon right on this site!

Enjoy, and spread love" 

- Blue Future